The Big Pom

January 29, 2017 at the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, NJ.
Just seconds from Distant Worlds!


It’s all about that pom.

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy? You’re in luck! Introducing “The Big Pom” a Final Fantasy fan gathering in Newark, NJ. Newark is located just a quick drive from New York City. This is the only KupoCon event in North America for 2017 so don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Check out the video to the right from our friends at Nerdstrodamus who produced a series called KupoCast. In Episode 3 they provide lots of important info about The Big Pom. — So are you ready to buy tickets?

Important: You cannot obtain Triple Triad Cards with a Slowga ticket unless you buy a starter pack.


  • Day Pass
  • Exclusive Hotel Rates


  • Day Pass
  • Exclusive Hotel Rates


  • Day Pass
  • Exclusive Hotel Rates
  • Evening Celebration (21+)


  • Day Pass
  • Evening Celebration (21+)
  • Exclusive Hotel Rates
  • Event Tour
  • Priority Registration
  • VIP Forum Access
What's included with NO LOOT?

You receive no special items upon arrival apart from your entry wristband. There will be an option to upgrade after you arrive depending on availability.

What's included with STANDARD LOOT?

You will receive your entry wristband and a KupoCon bag that will contain a t-shirt, commemorative ticket, exclusive Triple Triad starter pack, and a quest log.

What's included with PREMIUM LOOT?

You will receive your entry wristband and a KupoCon bag that will contain a t-shirt, commemorative ticket, exclusive Triple Triad starter pack, Triple Triad premium pack and a quest log. You will also receive a number of premium items that have yet to be announced!

How did you calculate ticket prices?
Using some clever mog math discovered by our travelling friend Stiltzkin, we came up with a price that would guarantee the events success. If you look at the number of hours this event is, it’s roughly the same cost as what a movie ticket would be. Events of this nature are extremely expensive to produce. Thanks to a lot of hard work, we’ve been able to make tickets affordable.
What are the exclusive hotel rates?
We’ve partnered with our venue to provide you cost effective solutions for staying in the area. Pricing starts are just $90 for a single occupancy and $110 for a double. If the hotel sells out, we’ll work with you to help you find another room at one of our partner hotels. You receive access to this code as soon as you purchase a ticket.
Why is the Ultima ticket twice the price?
One word. Loot. Every extra penny will be spent on goodies. We are going to give you a great selection of event exclusive items. These items will be featured in an upcoming episode of KupoCast. Stay tuned for more info!
I want to bring my kids, where do I purchase their tickets?
You don’t. Children under 12 get free access to the event if they are accompanied by a paying adult. You don’t need to book in advance just turn up on the day with your paid ticket and let us know you have a child with you. We’ll have a special item for them too. We are very proud that this event is open to everyone!
Why is the evening events 21 and over?
It’s the law. We are serving alcohol. Sorry.
Can I still purchase an Ultima ticket if I am under 21?
Yes. You just can’t attend the evening event. You will still get everything else that comes with the ticket.
Can I buy a ticket at the door?

No. Tickets are only available online.

Do I need the names of the people coming when I book?
No. Just use your name on the tickets and update it when you know who is coming with you. Don’t delay purchasing as you may miss out on the ticket you want. Some of the tickets are very limited.

Robert Treat Hotel

A world of elegance unfolds as you enter the gracious surroundings of the historic Robert Treat Hotel. Its majestic marble reception areas, glittering ballrooms and tastefully appointed guest rooms recall a time when luxury was the watchword and graciousness was evident in every detail.

A Newark landmark for nearly 100 years, the Robert Treat Hotel has been a favorite throughout its history. It has played host to five presidents, numerous governors and many foreign dignitaries. Our staff takes pride in anticipating the needs of our guests, and meeting them with genuine willingness and hospitality. Whether it’s cocktails on the Starlight Roof, or dinner and dancing in the Crystal Ballroom, the Robert Treat Hotel’s understated elegance, coupled with exceptional service, will make your event successful and memorable.

Distant Worlds

Launched in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY, this concert production features the music of the great video game series FINAL FANTASY and composer Nobuo Uematsu. The concerts are performed by symphony orchestra, choir, and renowned vocal and instrumental soloists, under the direction of GRAMMY Award-winner and acclaimed conductor Arnie Roth. With HD video direct from the FINAL FANTASY game developers SQUARE ENIX projected onto giant screens throughout the concerts.

Distant Worlds will take place just seconds from KupoCon at the NJPAC on January 28th, 2017. Why not make a weekend out of it and book tickets to see this stunning concert.

Distant Worlds is not associated with KupoCon. KupoCon was set to coincide with the concert to allow attendees to make the most of their Final Fantasy experience. You will need to purchase tickets for both events if you wish to maximize your weekend.

Event Activities

Just some of the amazing things you will experience at KupoCon.
Plenty more to come, so check back soon!

Card Tournament  #FFVIII    
One of the most loved Final Fantasy mini games is coming to KupoCon. We’ll give host to a large scale tournament based on Triple Triad. If you wish to enter the tournament, you will need to preregister on the day. The winners of the tournament will be rewarded with prizes.  Players will be encouraged to keep their decks after the event has finished.

Draw Points   #FFVIII   
Upon arrival, attendees will be encouraged to visit one of several draw points to collect their event swag. There will be numerous draw points across the event. Some obvious, and some hidden. Upon finding a draw point, you will be given a draw card which can be exchanged for limited edition loot. Depending on your ticket type, your draw points will vary.

Cosplay Awards    
KupoCon has teamed up with the Atlantic Award Group to bring you a special contest to recognize the extraordinary cosplayers of the event. The awards will have certain sets of criteria and will be presented at the end of the day. We’ll be selecting a panel of judges to make the selections on our behalf. We intend on having an award selected by the attendees as well.

Wall Market   #FFVII    
Got some hard earned gil you want to spend? Head on over to Wall Market, the home of KupoCon’s vendors and merchants. Maybe you’re looking for a specific item to add to your collection; or you want to take home a plush for a small Final Fantasy fan in the making. Whatever the case, this is where you’ll find the solution to your buying needs.

Treno Auction House   #FFIX    
Do you have a Final Fantasy fan item just laying around collecting dust? Maybe you have a duplicate of an item you want to sell? Maybe you want to sell something so you can go purchase a few items at Wall Market. Well, opportunity has come knocking! Attendees will be required to register items they wish to sell prior to the event.

Guest Talks & Panels    
We’re working behind the scenes to bring relevant individuals of the franchise to our event. We aim to hold Q&As in person and via video calls with some of the people who make Final Fantasy what it is today. We’re also producing panels on various Final Fantasy topics. From rumors and speculation to technical discussions. There will be something for everyone.

Amano Alley      
In recognition of one of the most loved Final Fantasy concept artists, we bring you an area dedicated to fan art. Whether you wish to display, create or sell. This location will house creativity from end to end. Information about registering space can be found under the ‘Register’ tab.

Impressed by the cosplayers? Blown away by the crafted weaponry? See first hand how they are created and chat with those that make them. These special workshops will allow you to see up close the amazing crafts of the fans of Final Fantasy. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A in conjunction with the panels to allow you to get help with your cosplay!

Tantalus Theater Troupe  #FFIX    
Simply dressing in character not enough? Come visit our travelling theatre. You and your friends can register to create scenes or reenact scenes from your favorite games using your favorite characters. Attendees will be required to register in advance. Limited slots will be available. Now all you have to do is impress the noblemen.

Big Bro’s Challenge  #FFVII    
Square, Cross, Circle won’t save you this time. One of the most random activities at KupoCon is quite possibly the most authentic. Come and try your luck against other attendees to win yourself a wig voucher. Yes, you read that right.  It’s time to start practicing your squats at home.

Yevon Yoga  #FFX    
Events like this can be tough. If you find yourself needing to relax or just want to take the opportunity to perfect the Yevon Prayer and a number of other Final Fantasy poses, why not try our special yoga session with a qualified instructor.

The Hunt  #FFXII    
Looking to earn some extra loot? Hunt down the Marks & Elite Marks to receive a signature in your Quest Log. Hand in your quest log at the end of the event to secure yourself some extra swag.

Qu’s Marsh #FFIX     
Gosh Bro, you sure know a lot. Yeah, I know… Quina Quen is hungry. Why not help Quina by catching some frogs. Don’t worry, they’re not real frogs. But don’t tell Quina that! Come take part in this fun mini-game and earn prizes.

MogNet Central  #FFIX    
Every attendee will receive a Mognet Card with a unique identifier. Hold on to this card. At the end of the day you can use it to collect mail from a random attendee. All will become clear at the event. You will be rewarded!

Event Services

It’s not all fun and games ya’know, Yunie.
We also provide a number of services.

Shinra Headquarters  #FFVII    
The home of the KupoCon event staff. From here we’ll be working out the logistics of the event. It’s also the location where volunteers will need to register to receive their exclusive event swag. This will also be the location where the tour begins for our VIP ticket holders. This will also house our security office. If you have any issues, please come directly to HQ.

O’aka’s Essentials  #FFX    
Had a mishap with your costume? Have no fear. Stop by and visit O’aka to get fixed back up again. We’ll be able to provide you with sewing kits, duck tape and various other fixer-upper items. These will be available at no extra cost. Supplies will be limited but we’ll do our best to assist you where we can.

Calm Lands  #FFX    
Maybe you’re looking for a break from the busy atmosphere of the event or perhaps your costume is taking its toll on you. Not to worry. We’re setting up a relaxing station that will be cut off from the rest of the event. While it won’t be totally silent it will be a little more relaxing than the event floor. Come, relax, and hydrate.

Rin’s Travel Agency  #FFX    
New to London or New York, need a little advice? No problem! We’ll have experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you find your way around. They’ll be able to assist you in finding your hotel and can help you find transportation and accommodation if you need it. You’ll also have special access to attendees rates for various services.