Pom Saucer

We’re coming back, and you’re invited.

December 2, 2018 (10am-6pm) at the Hilton Toronto, Ontario.
Evening Celebration: 8pm-Midnight.

Cosplayers can save 15% with discount DRESSPHERE at checkout.


Evening celebration tickets are no longer included to offer attendees flexibility. Ticket prices have been adjusted to reflect that change. You can purchase an evening pass as an additional item when placing your order.  Evening celebration passes will also be available at the event. Limited tickets available. All prices are displayed in Canadian Dollars and include taxes. They do not include Eventbrite processing fees.

What is KupoCon?

KupoCon is a Final Fantasy fan event created by fans of the series. Consider it like a giant birthday party where everyone loves the same things as you! While the event has many things in common with a typical convention, it also have a very different vibe.


One of the most loved Final Fantasy mini games is available at KupoCon. We’ve produced exclusive TriPom cards that can be collected using various methods. For Generation 3 we are introducing even more cards to the collection including foil cards for the very first time.


KupoCon revolves around the completion of quests. Completing a quest will reward you with GIL, the Final Fantasy currency. You can then use that to trade with other attendees or purchase items from the Kupo Kiosk. Now, get spending!


Either through your ticket, via quests or from our Merch desk, you will find tons of custom made items with a Final Fantasy-esque twist. Just check out photos online of peoples hawl!


KupoCon has teamed up with the Atlantic Award Group to bring you awards to recognize cosplayers. We also recognize people in the KupoCon community with the Warrior of Light award. No registration required. Turn up, participate, be recognized.


Got some hard earned money you want to spend? Head on over to Wall Market, the home of KupoCon’s vendors, merchants and artists. If you have official Final Fantasy merchandise to sell or you are a creative Moogle, register for FREE display space and share your products with our community!


We’re working behind the scenes to bring relevant individuals of the franchise to our event. We aim to hold Q&As in person and/or via video calls with some of the people who make Final Fantasy what it is today. We’re also producing panels on various Final Fantasy topics. From rumors and speculation to technical discussions. There will be something for everyone.


Sometimes it is fun to get creative. KupoCon offer various workshops during the day. Some of them involve creating things or completing tasks. Other require you to sit back and admire. Whatever you end up doing, there will be a reward involved.


Inspired by Final Fantasy XIV, KupoCon has unexoected FATEs that appear during the day. Attendees can participate in these events for bonus rewards. Many of the activities are crazy, so be prepared to let your hair down!


Events like this can be tough. If you find yourself needing to relax or just want to take the opportunity to perfect the Yevon Prayer and a number of other Final Fantasy poses, why not try our special yoga session with a qualified instructor. We’ll also have other activities such as meditation and quiet-time.


Many consider the evening celebration to be the highlight of KupoCon. Purchase an evening pass and come and join us for adult only celebration. Good people, good drink, good fun. Need we say more?

What is included in the loot?
KupoCon does not announce the content of it’s loot until shortly before the event. However, you can use previous events as a rough guide. Basic loot will contain just a single item, a quest log. Standard will contain at least three items. Premium will contain at least five items and Ultima will include more loot than you could ever imagine! Unlike many other events, our loot is handcrafted and you can be sure you’ll be pleased with your bag of goodies!
What are the exclusive hotel rates?

We’ve partnered with our venue to provide you flexible solutions for staying in the area. Pricing starts are $189. If the hotel sells out, we’ll work with you to help you find another room at one of our partner hotels. You receive access to this code as soon as you purchase a ticket. Staying at the hotel is optional. Your ticket price was not effected by this rate.

I want to bring my kids, where do I purchase their tickets?

You don’t. Children under 12 get free access to the event if they are accompanied by a paying adult. You don’t need to book in advance just turn up on the day with your paid ticket and let us know you have a child with you. We are very proud that this event is open to everyone!

What is the evening celebration and why is it 19 and over?
The evening celebration is a chance to let your hair down and have fun with your fellow fans. We’ll be servicing alcohol so we have to restrict the evening activities to 19 and over. The evening will consist of interactive games and general mischief.
I am disabled, does my support person need a ticket?
Due to a limited capacity, everyone requires a ticket. However, our venue is fully accessible to everyone!
Can I upgrade at a later date?

No. Please select the ticket type you want in advance. If you chance your mind, you will need to sell your current pass.