Amano Alley & Wall Market

Artists, Crafterts, Groups and Merchants are invited to display and sell their items at KupoCon.

DId we mention? The event space is FREE. All you need is an event pass!

Updated August 31, 2017 – Please check this document for updates periodically. Subject to change without warning.

Space is available at both KupoCon events!

Are you an artist?

Are you a talented individual? Perhaps you craft items or draw and paint? If the answer is yes, then you may be looking for a table in KupoCon’s Artist Alley (Amano Alley). Space is free. All you require is an event pass.

Are you a commercial vendor?

Are you a business? Perhaps you’re selling contents from your store. Maybe you’re a dealer. If the answer is yes, then you may be looking for a table in KupoCon’s Wall Market. Commercial space is free. All you require is an event pass.

Are you a a non-commercial display?

Not selling something? Just advertising your organization? If the answer is yes, then you may be looking for a table in KupoCon’s Wall Market. Non-commercial space is free. All you require is an event pass.

Display Information

Found below is all of the information required to complete your application. Please read all of the following information.

KupoCon will provide:

  • An exclusive opportunity to display at KupoCon!
  • One 6’x2.5′ table and two chairs (with linen)
  • Mention on our website and guides.


To display at KupoCon you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be 18+ in order to hold a license for an Amano Alley or Wall Market table. (Space is free)
  • You must fill out and complete a display Application. (Bottom of the page)
  • You must purchase an event pass.
  • You must agree to adhere to the gathering Code of Conduct and the rules and regulations set out below.
  • You must be willing to submit a portfolio (3-4 pieces) of your artwork/images/merchandise/etc for review for acceptance into the space.
  • You must be operating within the bounds of the law. We provide space only.

Rules and Regulations

While within the Amano Alley or Wall Market space, you must follow the below Rules and Regulations.

  • You are very welcome to bring non-Final Fantasy material. Keep in mind that FF will likely sell better.
  • You are able to sell adult material (21+) however they must adhere to the rules found in the Adult Material’s section below.
  • You are in charge of all items within your area. KupoCon takes no responsibility for any damage, theft, loss, or injury to any item or person within the space.
  • There is a maximum number of 2 persons per table. Tables found with more than two people to a table will be asked to amend the situation. If you have two tables, 4 people. 3 tables, six people. Everyone needs an event pass.
  • Displays on tables are allowed. Booths are welcome. Unsteady displays must be taken down.
  • Food and covered drinks are allowed but please use common sense.
  • KupoCon does not provide change, therefore make sure you have adequate funds at hand.
  • You are prohibited from attaching items to the walls around the hall. Items found on walls will be confiscated by KupoCon staff and you will will be fined for any damage to that panel. For a list of prohibited items and actions see the Prohibited section below.
  • You are allowed to sell fan art, however you are not allowed to copy, trace or otherwise reproduce an existing piece of art and sell it as your own. Fan art must be of an original design which can utilize their favorite characters. Art theft and plagiarism is not tolerated.

Adult Material

Adult material is defined as: Any material not appropriate for all ages. This includes, but is not limited to, images or artwork depicting or representing nude persons, persons in lewd or provocative settings and images of extreme violence

All artists selling adult material cannot display these items on the table. Adult material must be kept out of reach inside a binder marked “Adult/21+” only or behind the table out of view (books, figures, etc.). Attendees wishing to see and/or purchase these items must first show their photo ID.

Note: Minors found in possession of adult material will have these items confiscated. Artist who are found selling adult material to minors will have these items confiscated for the remainder of the gathering.


These items and actions are prohibited in Amano Alley & Wall Market. Those who are found in possession of any items listed or have exhibited any actions noted below will be dealt with accordingly.

Artists are prohibited from having, displaying and/or selling the following items:

  • All weapons are prohibited. See gathering policies on weapons.
  • Bootlegged items. Including, but not limited to, buttons, images, keychains, etc.
  • Flammable items. Including, but not limited to: candles, aerosols, airbrush components and paint. Excludes: ink found in pens or markers.
  • Gum or other sticky hard to remove substances.

Displays are prohibited from doing the following:

  • Displaying items on the walls of the venue.
  • Selling adult material to minors.
  • Blocking or obstructing the walkway or any exit with their items or displays.
  • Selling food and drink.
  • Selling items outside the Alley.

Zero Tolerance Policy

During the gathering, KupoCon’s l’Cie & fal’Cie Staff will be enforcing the Gathering Code of Conduct and the Display Rules and Regulations with a zero tolerance rule. Any artist that fails to adhere to these policies will be subject to dismissal from the space.

Harassment and bullying

If you are having problems, are being harassed, or bullied by an attendee, another artist or member of staff please contact the Coordinator immediately. The gathering takes all complaints seriously and will work to resolve any issues of harassment or problems quickly.

Unlicensed Merchandise

Vendor/Artist certifies that, i) it is and shall remain in compliance with all national and local laws, regulations, statutes and rules, ii) it has the legal right to sell and offer for sale the products it sells at the Convention, and iii) it shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the KupoCon and any of its team, volunteers, and agents from claims in any way related to Vendor/Artist’s violation of any term of this Agreement. Any items or merchandise that are considered illegitimate by staff will have to be removed.

Application and Application Process

Please read all of the information below:

The application will be in the form of a Google form. Be sure to complete all application fields prior to submitting the form.

Once you have been accepted (this may take several days) into the space you will receive a welcome email. Closer to the time you will be sent a floor plan with your selected space.

If you have not been accepted into Amano Alley or Wall Market, we will refund your event pass.

If you are looking to share a table with other artists do not submit two applications (one from one artist and one from another).


If the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.