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Want to surround yourself with individuals with the same passion as yours? Why not take a trip to FinalFantasyForums.net. They recently celebrated their ten year anniversary, Impressive, don’t you think?

Final Fans Museum
Want to add a Final Fantasy item to your collection? Wondering whats available out there? Look no further. Check out this amazing database of Final Fantasy paraphernalia.

The Lifestream 
The number one source for up-to-date news and background information for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Be sure to check out this great community.

The Senpai Project
The Senpai Project aims to pioneer a positive culture dedicated to expanding the knowledge of the anime world through social interaction, intervention and exploration.

LDN Gaymers
An LGBT group creating a safe space for London’s Gamers to come together and play games! Check out our website and stay¬†tuned about our infamous Gaymer Nights.

Final Fantasy Discussion Group
A Facebook group dedicated to Final Fantasy discussion and news.

Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novelisation
This is primarily a fan page for the large-scale and peer-acclaimed unofficial novelisation of the best-selling videogame, Final Fantasy VII, by professional author M. J. Gallagher.

La Capital Olvidada
A Spanish Final Fantasy community site consisting of a blog, forums and game related news.

Final Fantasy Cosplayers of Canada
A Facebook Group dedicated to Final Fantasy cosplayers in Canada.