Was it really two weeks ago? Looks like it. Pomtario came and went, but in its legacy developed fond memories, triumphant experiences, and lifelong friends. (And a whole lot of loot, mind you)!

There’s nothing quite like hours of travel, hours of prep, and hours of upon hours of sheer KupoCon madness—and all in the space of three days—to really wear one out. Between both Als, it was a contest to see who was dying most [we tied, as neither had the strength to argue]. But nothing revitalises us, and any member of staff or fellow attendee more than reading back on the most amazing feedback Pomtario has garnered. Truly, from the most genuine depths of our hearts, thank you – thank you for coming to KupoCon, supporting it, being a part of the community, making it happen. That we can move people to tears, bring back people’s smiles, and help people overcome their inner demons, is a fulfilment beyond words. This is why KupoCon is not your average convention, or that it is not merely a fun event—it’s you, the people, who make it so special. A special shout-out to our volunteers of the day – you were all exceptional, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

We provide the parts, you take and use the parts, and together it’s one heck of a fine community, kupo! (Look at that, I’m even using “kupo” now at the end of my sentences. Unreal!).

The Next Step:

With all that in mind, it’s all the more motivation for us to get straight back to work in getting the next few events lined up [and, believe me, we’ve been discussing them the moment Pomtario ended]. While Pomtario was a return to the East Coast of North America, and hence we saw a number of familiar faces in attendance, the first of our official-official return events is just around the corner.

Pomingham Palace has been hyped up since its inception. Same place, same venue: London, Royal National Hotel. While there will be obvious differences, ranging from activities, loot, guests, TriPom etc., we intend to bring the same energy, drive, fun and passion (and whatever suitable adjective – you choose ^_^), and more.

Excited much? Look out for next month’s post, where we talk nothing but Pomingham Palace! We guarantee you one thing: If you thought you felt something special at Mind the Pom, just wait until PMP hits ya!

Volunteer applications are still open, and we need our biggest team yet! Haven’t got a ticket but still want to be involved? Then this is perfect for you! Volunteers feel as much a part of the event as the attendees, and there are many a perk to be had.



Anyway, enough “business talk”. Here’s what we really want!

For this month’s giveaway, there are two options. If you were at Pomtario, tell us in the comments what you received for your Secret Sephiroth. If you weren’t at Pomtario, or were but didn’t partake in Secret Sephiroth, tell us what your most cherished piece of Final Fantasy memorabilia is. Who knows, maybe the answer might turn into this blog’s gift:

Adopt a Chicobo this Christmas. After all, it’s just around the corner.
(Winner announced Dec 23 – final entries 15:00GMT Dec 23)

Whether you celebrate it or not, we at KupoCon wish you and your loved ones a very special and very enjoyable festive season.

Have a great new year!

Roll on 2018 – it’s gonna be a big one!