We are two weeks from Pomtario, folk! What do you need to know? Let’s begin!


Prior to Arrival:

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Yes. KupoCon is a family-friendly event. Children under 12, accompanied by an adult ticket-holder, can come free. Just show up, and they will be given their own wristband. Bring ID for children nearing their teenage years, just to be sure.

Q: Does the venue have parking?
A: There is a parking lot, which is operated independently from the hotel. Pricing Available Here. We recommend attendees use public transport, as we have no connection with the hotel’s parking, and can thus not guarantee spaces will be available.

Q: Is there a concierge service at the hotel?
A: Yes. For more amenities, check out this link.

Q: I have a last-minute change in ticket names. What do I do?
A: Simply access your Eventbrite account and update the name on the ticket. KupoCon waivers the fee for this service, so there’s no issue with late changes.

Q: I want an idea what I’m walking into. What’s available to me right now?
A: Check out this link to the floor plan and schedule! You will also receive a physical copy of the schedule on the day. The venue is on the one floor and is easy to navigate.

Q: I’m not familiar with the area, what do I need to know?
A: The event is being held in the heart of Toronto. You will find everything you need within walking distance of the venue. Please note, while the weather forecast is looking good, there is a chance of snow. Please make sure you dress appropriately. Canada is known for it’s cold and sometime harsh winters. Make sure you bring plenty of options for outdoor adventures.

Q: I’m cosplaying. Do you have any rules I need to know about?
A: Yes. Please read over this page: Event Policies. Also, read this: Cosplay FAQ.

Q: I’m displaying. What time can I set up?
A: 8AM. Don’t arrive too late. People will be coming in the door as early as 9AM.



Q: When can I register?
A: Registration opens at 9AM. Have your ticket ready alongside photo ID to ensure a speedy entrance. You will need both of these.

Q: What is priority registration?
A: Premium ticket holders will discover upon arrival their unique way to register. They will access the event quicker, owing to the lesser traffic.

Q: What happens after registration?
A: The event starts with the Opening Ceremony at 10AM. It is definitely not something to miss – it will guide you through your unique experience at KupoCon. There is lots to do and earn in KupoCon, so don’t miss a moment.

Q: What if I turn up late?
A: Do your best to arrive before 10. We recommend no later than 09:30, as the bulk of our staff registering you will start to dilute, owing to their presence being required elsewhere. With that, it may take you longer to register, and loot may not be available come noon. KupoCon should not be considered a typical convention. More will become clear once you arrive.

Q: What if I turn up without a cosplay, and I’ve bought a ticket under the Dressphere discount?
A: You simply pay the difference on arrival. 15% of the original ticket price.
So, KotR = $30  Bahamut = $23   Ifrit = $15   Shiva = $9
Costs are rounded by a couple of cents to include the Eventbrite fee we cover.

Q: I’ve registered early, I have time until the opening ceremony, what should I do?
A: This is the perfect time to visit our merchandise desk and snag what’s popular before it’s gone. We also recommend taking the time to dive into your Quest Log and familiarising yourself with some of the unique quests. Perhaps take the time to explore the Calm Lands and view the FFXV Snapshot Album and Record Keeper’s Journal. Or, for KotR ticket holders, grab a refreshment in the KotR Lounge.

Q: Anything else?
A: We have talented vendor after talented vendor just waiting for you. As well as that, many unique displays also await your attention. This is one of the best times to explore all that, should you wish to take part in as much as possible throughout the day.


The Day:

Q: I’ve lost my all-important Quest Log! What now?
A: You can purchase another at the merchandise desk. On the off chance you have unclaimed rewards after having certain quests stamped, please contact a member of staff.

Q: What can I do to ensure my loot bag doesn’t get mixed up with others?
A: At the Calm Lands, you can find rolls of labels and stationery to tag your loot bags.

Q: What is gil?
A: Gil, which is earned freely, is used to exchange for goods at the Kupo Kiosk. You could perhaps even barter with other attendees. For example, “I’ll give you 100 Gil for that extra Red XIII card of yours” (really, that’s a priceless card, but you get the picture ;)). Gil is essential for entering the TriPom Tournament (20 gil).
The merchandise is strictly cash only. (We are exploring options to offer a card service. However, fear not. There is an ATM in the building.)

Q: What do I do about Secret Sephiroth?
A: Please see your ticket for activity details. Please visit the Kupo Kiosk to deposit your gift for Secret Sephiroth. Later in the day, preferably in the afternoon/after lunchtime, you should come up to collect a gift. For everyone’s enjoyment, please ensure the gift is wrapped/sealed/bagged up enough to conceal the gift’s contents. This is basically a Christmas gift surprise 🙂

Q: Is there food and drink readily available?
A: At the Calm Lands, you can find a water station. Food and drink will not be provided by KupoCon (bar some light refreshments for the KotR Lounge), but the hotel itself has options to grab some food and drink, as does the surrounding area outside.


Guest Signings:

Q: When do premium tickets meet special guests?
A: KotR and Bahamut ticket holders go first, at 12:30-13:30. Please note the cut-off time for queueing of 13:00.

Q: When do standard tickets meet special guests?
A: Ifrit and Shiva ticket holders go at a later time, at 14:30-17:00. Please note the cut-off time for queuing of 16:00.

Q: Is there a charge for signings?
A: There is no charge for signings. Special guests will sign one item.


Evening Event:

Q: Do I have evening event access?
A: Evening event access is included in Ifrit, Bahamut and KotR tickets. You must be over 19 to attend. You will need ID with you.

Q: I have a Shiva ticket. How do I go about attending the evening event?
A: A handful of wristbands are available from the merchandise desk, so act fast before they sell out. In previous KupoCon events, we found these bands would sell out quickly halfway through the day as people really begin to enjoy themselves and want the opportunity for more, later.


I hope this helps give a solid overview of how to prep for the day ahead, and what’s useful to know once you’re there. There is so much to do at KupoCon. Embrace the fun, dive right in, use your gil (but save a little as memorabilia ;)) get yourself into the evening event for plenty more, and enjoy yourself. Your satisfaction and welfare is our key priority for you all.


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