Pomtario is creeping up close, but hype exists for every event, so let’s shine the spotlight on Birmingham. Coming Sep 8, 2018, it is time to introduce you to the officially christened “Pomathon”.



You’ve seen the latest episode of KupoCast, right? Right!? Well, here it is (S2E5.5). Follow the livestream of comments for maximum enjoyment!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Tickets go on sale December 8 (Friday)
  • Held at the Birmingham Conference & Events Centre
  • Making use of the entire venue, spanning two floors of KupoCon goodness!
  • Longest UK day event
  • Exclusive hotel rates at the connecting Holiday Inn – you don’t even have to step outside to get to the event venue!
  • Private screening of ‘Kingsglaive’ at The Electric, the morning afterwards
  • At least 4 special guests, new and returning, in discussion to come
  • Plans for a Final Fantasy Ball in the evening
  • New TriPom cards being introduced (as part of Gen 2.1), incl. new Limit Break cards
  • The usual favourites of KupoCon, incl. quests, TriPom, merchants & artists, and exclusives loot left, right and centre!
  • New games, activities, workshops etc., such as ‘The Hunt’, as well as extra brand-new-just-for-KupoCon exclusives!
  • And plenty more where that came from!

Ticket prices range from £32-£102, with the usual 15% DRESSPHERE and 10% EARLYCHOCOBO discounts applicable. Pomingham Palace ticket holders can also avail of a 20% discount that will go live 60 minutes after regular ticket sales.

Check out the neat layout at the Pomathon webpage for details on those tickets.

It’s as good as a year away, but we see people are excited already 😉


FFXV Snapshot Contest
Last month we launched a contest encouraging people to submit their best FFXV photos taken in-game. Divided into a multitude of categories, we were met with a plethora of quality photos to choose from in each. Trust us, with over 100 quality photos to work with, there were no easy decisions to make, and many of the judges will not be around for future KupoCon events on account of very violent disagreements – joking about that last part, of course, but let it be known that there were not many instances of immediate unanimity, meaning if your photo didn’t make the cut it still may have been one judge’s selection.

Congratulations to Martine Gautheir (Teenytater), who was selected as having the best overall collection of photographs.

You can find a full breakdown of every category winner and their photos in the following link: KupoCon FFXV Snapshot Contest Results 

We’re still happy to add to our physical album that will be on display at KupoCon events (got a much larger one than anticipated, so the space is there)! If you have a photo (or two) you would love to see added to the album, send it on to RedFFWolf@Gmail.com


What’s New, ConQuest?
If you’ve had the pleasure to be at a KupoCon event, you may have found yourself immersed in games such as Qu’s Marsh or Chocobo Ranch. From the exceptional Quina cosplay to the funky hats used by the Nerdstrodamus crew to pop balloons, you have been introduced to the wondrous work of ConQuest Interactive. You may also have seen the many different puppets of theirs scattered across the venue.

Now that we enter Gen 2 of KupoCon, what kind of surprises and new elements (and puppets, of course!) can we expect?

“ConQuest is back with an update from Mog (he’s very active in the community) to tell you that we have been in the creative trenches, working on some fun characters that will be joining us this year. Without revealing too much, we will give you a very vague clue: You can expect…frogs and bombs! What does this mean? You’ll have to come find us at the event to find out! See you there, Ribbit—I mean, kupo!”

What could it mean, kupo?!