The time has come, kupo! The Big Pom is upon us.This will be our final production blog before the event, so expect this to be a roundup of all the information you may or may not need. We assure you that the information you need is out there, you just have to go looking for it. So let’s get right to it.


If you don’t have a ticket, unfortunately you are out of luck. We’ve exhausted every avenue to claim back any tickets that might not be used and we’ve slowly released those. We really can’t release anymore. There will be no tickets on the door. If you don’t have a pass, please don’t attempt to attend. Security will turn you away. Obviously, accompanied children are free, so no worries there! If you are desperate, we suggest emailing the support desk and they will let you know if a miracle happens:

If you have a ticket, make sure you have a copy of your order. Physical ticket or digital ticket is fine. You should also make sure that your ID matches the name on your ticket. This is very important. Security will turn away those who don’t have matching identification. You can update your ticket info by logging in on Eventbrite and updating your order. — With that in mind, if you have a ticket you can’t use, perhaps post in the Community Forums. There are people seeking tickets on a daily basis. A transfer works the same way, just update the name on the ticket!


Registration for the event will begin at 8am. We recommend you arrive at this time. There will be two lineups. One exclusively for Ultima ticket holders and one for everything else (Slowga/Blizzara/Thundaga). You’ll need to present your ticket and ID. We’ll check to see if you used a discount such as the DRESSPHERE discount and make sure that you’re discount applies to you. If you’ve used the cosplay discount, you best be cosplaying! Loot-inclusive tickets will receive their loot on arrival. You’ll be given your shirt and the size you receive will be based on what you selected when you purchased. You may be able to change sizes later in the day. Our priority is to get everyone registered for the event within one hour. We’ll have a dedicated team working through each and every attendee. Please assist us by having your ID and ticket ready.

After you’ve passed the registration desk you will directed towards Orphans Cradle. This is the speakers hall of the ballroom where we will hold the opening and closing ceremonies and the many panels we have planned for the day. Upon entering the hall, you will be checked by security. They will be looking for any dangerous items that are not suitable for the event. They may confiscate an item if they deem something to be unsafe. Please cooperate with them. Your safety is their top priority.

If you have a Slowga ticket and you want to upgrade to get some loot including the important Quest Log, head straight to the merchandise desk. They will also open at 8am. We have enough to upgrade around 70% of Slowga ticket holders. Please arrive promptly if you want to upgrade. The cost is 20$.

How does KupoCon work?

Unlike a Convention, we’ve chosen to treat this more like a gathering. We think it will feel more like a large Birthday party. Only 20% of the venue consists of vendors. The rest of the venue is used for workshops, panels, discussions and large scale activities. KupoCon will be an extremely interactive event, so be prepared to be ‘productive’. It’s vital you stay well hydrated, so bring water with you. There is a convenience store on-site, and we have no intention on charging a premium for beverages, so bring what you like. — If you’re cosplaying and you’re worried you won’t be able to complete your quests due to a bulky costume, don’t worry. We completely understand the challenges that come with this. Attending an activity is as good as participating!

You can find an event schedule here. We hope to stay as close to this as possible, but we may fall behind or perhaps ahead of this. Please use this as a rough guide on what to expect. We’ve worked hard to avoid overlaps so you are able to attend everything. Keep in mind that we have limited seating, so if you arrive late you may find there is standing room only. There will be limited reserved seating for Ultima ticket holders

Every ticket that includes loot receives a Quest Log. Slowga ticket holders can upgrade to receive this item. This item can help you unlock a further 20 loot items during the day. From the moment you step inside KupoCon you begin the your journey. If you don’t have a Quest Log you can still participate in the event, you just won’t receive the TriPom cards for your accomplishments. The TriPom cards will certainly serve as a core activity. Almost everything revolves around earning cards.


We’re pleased to offer a limited selection of merchandise at the event. Most importantly the Merchandise Desk is where you can upgrade a Slowga to get your hands on a quest log and TriPom Starter pack. You can also purchase a ticket for the evening celebration for those that don’t have a Thundaga or Ultima ticket. Perhaps you want extra TriPom cards? Or perhaps you want to take some home for a friend? Well, you’re in luck. Booster packs will be available. We also have premium packs that include the Utlima exclusive cards. Not only that, we have limited prints of the TriPom art for purchase. Please note, we will only take cash at the event. There is an ATM on site.

I want to meet Ray and Susan!

-and we don’t blame you! Both Ray Chase and Susan Calloway will be joining us at KupoCon. Unlike any other event you’ve been too, we’ve thrown the formalities out the window. Our special guests will be roaming and enjoying the event alongside you. Please feel free to approach them for a photo or a signing. Avoid overwhelming them though. They want to enjoy the event as much as you. However we will be holding a Q&A with our guests, and a limited signing session which we invite you to bring anything you like to be signed (please limit to 2 items). Is there are a charge you ask? Of course not! Ultima ticket holders will have a separate priority line though to thank them for buying premium tickets.


There is a lot more information available to you. Our Community Forum for example has details on the TriPom Tournament, the Cosplay Competition and many other aspects of the event. You can also find a lengthy list of things to expect at KupoCon right on our website (Just scroll down). If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We share new things almost daily, so perhaps take a scroll through and see what you find. You can participate with us on social networks by using our hashtag #kupocon. We also sent out an email that covered a lot of information to all ticket holders. You can find a copy of that here. Lots of info on travel and parking etc!


This is the first time we’ve attempted KupoCon. We expect there to be a few delays and bumps in the road, but we’re confident in the event we’ve produced. We ask you for your patience on the day as this will be a new experience for all of us. This is the largest Final Fantasy fan gathering every attempted, so let’s make it one to remember!