Hello KupoCon Fans!

It’s been a few months since our last blog update (kicks a Moogle). Sorry about that. We’ve all been working hard to make sure the events run smoothly. We want you all to know that things have been running pretty great. We’re less than 2 months away from The Big Pom in Newark and just under 4 months until Mind The Pom in London.

So what have we been up to? Everything you can imagine. Let’s start with the loot. We promised we wouldn’t spend ticket funds until it was absolutely necessary, well that time came. We’ve ordered in excess of 60,000 loot items. 50,000 of those are TriPom cards. Anyone who has been following KupoCon knows that TriPom is our signature event. Collecting these cards at the event will be so much fun! If you picked up an Ultima ticket in the US or an Anima in the UK, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll be receiving a Final Fantasy fan novel and the author will be on-site to sign the copy for you. We’ll announce who these wonderful authors are in the next episode of KupoCast. Not a bookworm? No worries, we’re also giving you two fully licensed fan music albums. They are studio quality and very respective of the original tracks. If giving you a book and two music albums wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know there is even more items waiting for you.

The last piece of the loot we’re still working on is the Quest Log. It’s a 50+ page book packed with information about the event and enclosed within is The Hunt. You’ll have over 25 quests to complete at KupoCon and completing these quests will help you obtain more TriPom cards. If you work your way through the log, there is no reason why you won’t take home a complete deck.

Enough about the loot. What about the event content? From the beginning we made it crystal clear (pardon the pun) that this wouldn’t feel like a convention and that was why we chose to advertise KupoCon as a gathering. The few who know the complete line-up for the event have best described it as “a large themed kid’s birthday party”. You can make your own assumptions from that statement.

We don’t have a never ending budget, but what we’ve created from scratch will surely please you. From the fun activities like Big Bro’s Challenge, the Chocobo Ranch and Qu’s Marsh to the interactive workshops where you’ll be able to check our Final Fantasy crafted weapons and create fan art using guides and templates, there is something for everyone.

It’s not just about what we’re bringing to the event, it’s what you guys and gals are bringing. We have several dozen artists and stores that will be offering fan creations and swag. Not only that, we’re expecting over 100 Final Fantasy cosplayers at each event, so there will be plenty to look at and hundreds of folks to meet and mingle with. We’ve got a Cosplay Catwalk planned along with a special people’s choice award. Check out previous KupoCast episodes for more info.

Talking of KupoCast… What happened to the guys? They’ve been busy preparing for KupoCast Live. Yes, that’s right LIVE. A one-hour special episode live at KupoCon with audience participation. Don’t worry though. The guys will be back with a regular episode before Christmas and as usual it will be packed with information!

From everyone here at KupoCon, thank you for supporting our event. Happy Holidays!