Back in June during KupoCast episode 3, we introduced a ticket type known as Slowga. This ticket was advertised as a last minute ticket that was priced the same as a Blizzara ticket. The purpose of this event pass was to allow last minute people to attend regardless of whether we had sufficient loot. It was a no-frills, no discount option for those who decided to attend in the heat of the moment.

We now know that some of you don’t care for the loot in general, so we’ve decided to release Slowga tickets now that the Early-Chocobo discount has ended.

The most notable change is the price. If you really want to attend, but you don’t have much Gil to spend right now, this could be the option for you. The Slowga ticket will be $40. That’s $20 less than the Blizzara, It’s less because it’s a NO LOOT ticket. You will not receive any loot. That includes the Triple Triad cards. All you receive is an entry wristband.

Not only will you miss out on the standard loot, you will not get a Quest Log. You’ll need this to obtain various rewards around the event including Triple Triad Cards. If you do purchase a Slowga ticket and decide you want to collect the Triple Triad cards, there will be a desk to upgrade your ticket to a Blizzara and get a starter card pack and Quest Log at the event. (While stocks last.)

If you want the full experience, get a loot inclusive ticket, go for Blizzara or higher and use a discount! Save 5% for travelling in or 15% for cosplaying.

It’s not yet clear whether or not we’ll do the same thing with Mind The Pom tickets as they are priced differently to reflect the size of the event, but we’ll keep you informed.

If you already have a ticket, go check out what loot you can expect over on the event page, just scroll down for the loot info!