Hopefully you found your way here by watching Episode 5 of KupoCast. If not, I would strongly suggest watching that before reading on. This blog is further expansion on the venue segment of the episode. You can find that episode over on the Nerdstrodamus YouTube Channel.

So what’s the deal? Why haven’t we selected a venue? Well to fully understand things, you need a little background information. We announced the idea of KupoCon in March, 2016. The internet exploded with excitement and we spent the next few months preparing for our events. From the onset, we noticed that our audience was primarily North American, in fact even today more than 60% of our following is in North America. So for that reason, we decided to hold The Big Pom first.

When we announced tickets for The Big Pom in Newark, we had no idea how well tickets would sell. We were delighted when we were able to sell all of our premium passes in less than 48 hours. Currently, 46% of tickets for our US event are sold and we still have 6 months to go. In fact, our venue can hold more than our current ticket allocation so we may increase ticket numbers. It’s things like this that have drove our passion to make Mind The Pom happen, even though the UK is facing a tougher financial climate right now. -and that brings us to our second point, which is money. We’re prepared to spend money to make this happen, what we’re not prepared to do is risk your money to make it happen. London is probably the most expensive city in Europe and our costs for Mind The Pom will be heavier than that of The Big Pom, so selecting the right venue is crucial.

We currently have a pending booking at two very unique and respectable establishments in central London. The main difference is their size. It’s true, one is much closer to the Kingdom Hearts concert, but the other is not far away enough to cause a panic. In fact, we feel so strongly about ensuring that you reach the concert we’re looking at providing a shuttle service if we decide on the venue further away.

The fact is there is little point in spending thousands of pounds extra on a venue that far exceeds our needs. It would be much better spent on event content and loot. We can make a smaller space work by changing the format and offering a constantly evolving area that provides different activities as the day progresses. We’ve always stressed that KupoCon in NA and EU would have a fan gathering feel rather than a typical convention setup because we want this event to be personal.

In the past 7 days, our Europe following has increased by almost 10%. Our event page traffic increased by 7k people in just a week. These numbers make us feel confident that we’re going to get good numbers in the UK, but we want ticket sales to match those predictions. Within a space of a few weeks to a few months it will be very clear which venue will be better suited. What you can be sure of is that this event won’t be a dozen people in the back room of a bar, if we’re not into the hundreds, then we won’t proceed and we’ll refund you. The risk is ours. Not yours. We’re being 100% transparent because our relationship to our attendees is our top priority.

Remember, you can get access to the ticket portal 24 hours early by signing up to our newsletter. In the meantime, we encourage you to spread the word about KupoCon. We all have a love for Final Fantasy. Now we have an opportunity to do something with that passion. See you in London!