We’ve got an exciting update for our artisan and vendor friends! When we announced that Amano Alley and Wall Market space was just $30-60, we were pretty pleased with ourselves. It was extremely affordable for individual crafters and established businesses. What we didn’t factor in was that by the time you purchased an event pass and your display license, you were heading north of $100. Suddenly our plan wasn’t so attractive.

The main issue was that you wouldn’t get to enjoy the event as much because you’d be sat at your table the whole time. The solution to that was to bring someone with you and alternate as the day went on. -and before you know it, it’s costing $150+. So back to the drawing board we went. We crunched some numbers and looked at other possible avenues.

We came up with the best offer we could give you, and that’s for FREE. To obtain space in Amano Alley or the Wall Market all you have to do is purchase any type of event pass and you can register for free event space. Take advantage of our early Chocobo discount and you can secure your event pass for as little as $55.

Now that space is free, we expect to get flooded with requests. Keep this in mind as we have limited display space. Don’t worry though. We’re going to be selective on who we pick. Oh, and don’t panic if you already purchased a display license. A refund will be issued in the next 48 hours. The space will remain yours to use.

Click the link to apply for space.