With months still to go until KupoCon, we wanted to find a way to reward our loyal followers. I think we’ve found a great way to do that. Introducing the Community Forum Rewards program. If you’re a sensible moogle, you probably already have a Community Forum account. It’s the hub of KupoCon. A great place to suggest ideas for the event and offer your two cents on what we are already working on. It’s even more special for Ultima and Anima ticket holders as they get access to exclusive announcements before everyone else!

So how can we keep you engaged? We can reward you for your involvement! Starting today, every member of the forums will receive gil for every interaction they make. For example, If you go and start a new topic on the forums you’ll receive 25 gil. For every post you make you receive a further 10 gil. We also offer bonuses for rich content posts by giving you extra gil for every word written. We’ve capped that at 200 gil per post to stop a flood of spam, so don’t attempt to write the new Harry Potter book and expect to be a gillionaire.

But whats the point of this gil? Well it’s quite simple. With just a click, you can exchange your gil for a number of cool downloads, physical items and services. Right now you can trade in gil for exclusive TriPom cards including a 5-card booster pack. You can also download exclusive wallpapers for your computer and soon for your smart phone! We’ll be adding more and more to the shop as we go along.

Every user on the forum has been given 100 gil to get started with. Ultima ticket holders have been given a healthy 500 gil. So what are you waiting for? Log-in and start earning those rewards.

(Physical items are only redeemable at KupoCon. We will not mail the items to you. In time we may increase or decrease the gil awarded depending on how quickly the items are obtained. If you have already purchased an item, you will not lose it if we adjust the numbers.)

Sign-up for the forums here: http://forum.kupocon.com/

Please note, using the forums is optional. You can obtain all 50 cards by attending KupoCon.