Hello everyone! We’re pleased to report that we’re almost ready to launch KupoCon.com – The delay was intentional. The website has been ready for a few weeks but we wanted to get all our ducks moogles in a row before we made it public.

Our conversation with Square Enix is ongoing but it’s been overly positive. It seems there are no legal concerns at this time, so it’s full steam ahead! We’ll be launching our website later this month (Roughly two weeks from now). In the meantime we’re launching our Community Forum. We’ll be using the forum as a platform to keep in touch with our prospective attendees, volunteers and senior teams.

If you’re interested in following the project closely, or you want to get involved in some sort of way, we strongly encourage you to pre-register for the Community Forum. We’ll be closely monitoring the forum. We want to hear your ideas for KupoCon. Not only do we want your feedback, we’ll be assessing key members in the community who will make suitable senior team candidates. You can register by following this link: http://forum.kupocon.com/index.php?action=register

Oh, and while we have your attention, along with a brand new website and community forum, we’re launching KupoCast. An exclusive production in partnership with Nerdstrodamus to bring you the latest information about the KupoCon events. The episodes will be produced each month and will provide you with all the information of the previous month and a few exclusive announcements. Check out the promo below!