The madness continues! It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since we announced KupoCon. We’ve already come so far. I know many of you are eager to have dates, but I’m afraid we’ll have to disappoint you for a little longer but a full website is incoming! The purpose of today’s production blog is to help us get organized.

For the past two weeks we’ve been replying to hundreds of emails from people just like you who want to get involved with KupoCon. In between the thousands of emails and hundreds of calls, we’re slowing selecting a senior team to help us push this project forward. Oh, and before the non-believers start spreading panic, the senior teams are here to support our efforts and lead the masses. The venue and date selection is already far into planning, we’re just not ready to announce yet!

So, how do we organize? Well we start by dedicating information to those who want it. To start with, we’ve produced a few new newsletters. We have our general mailing list, this is for anyone who is interested in KupoCon and wants to be first to get tickets. Newsletter subscribers will get a 24-hour advanced tickets sale. (Coming to a computer screen near you!). We then have our Volunteer Newsletter. This is for anyone who wants to get involved with the actual event, senior or not. Those who have already completed a volunteer application have already been added to this list. If you still plan to register you interest to volunteer, don’t forget to sign up to this newsletter. You’ll receive updates on our production progress and how you can register to volunteer on the day! Finally, we now have a list for merchants, vendors and displays. We know that there are a lot of people out there who wish to bring their collections for display, sell their products, and display their art. If you’d like a stand at KupoCon, register today for the Merchant Newsletter.

We hope this step will stop us from sending too many emails over the next few months with information that doesn’t interest everyone. Anyway, we have to get back to working on KupoCon!