On Monday, March 28 we announced KupoCon. What happened in the following 48 hours was nothing short of amazing. Through Facebook, Twitter & Reddit, the message of our event spread and before we knew it, our website traffic rocketed. In fact, we received so much traffic that a warning notice popped up on our account. Our host said that we were using too many resources. It was at this point we realized, this was no longer just an idea, but an event.

While the general reaction to KupoCon was positive, there were a few non-believers. Some proclaimed that it MUST be a scam, or just a publicity stunt by a bunch of hardcore fans, but it was nothing of the sort. In fact, this was an event that had been brewing for a while. We’d originally planned to announce our event locations approximately one month after our initial announcement, but the interest was too great. We just couldn’t wait.

After just three days we announced London, England as our first destination. Once again the messages swarmed across various social networks and fans were as excited as ever. With Europe in place, we moved quickly to announce our North America location and by Friday evening we’d announced New York. Sure, many people on the west coast were caught by surprise, but we felt the east coast needed some love. New York provides excellent connections across America and just as important, from Canada too.

But seriously, what about the west coast? Well, the west coast already has quite a few conventions/gatherings including an official Final Fantasy XIV event which would have some similar content, but we’re not ruling anything out just yet. If there is enough interest, we’ll certainly offer it some serious thought.

So that was then and this is now. What’s next for us? Dates of course. We’re hoping to announce our dates in just a few short weeks. We just have to wait on a few things before we can proceed with the event. 

Why so soon? We want to provide everyone with ample opportunity to prepare for these events. We appreciate that for some, this could be quite a lengthy trip. The more notice we give, the easier it will make it for attendees.

Over the past few days not only have we been overwhelmed by prospective attendees reactions, we were flooded with emails from people who wanted to get involved. So, in light of that we’ve setup a short application form for people who want to get involved in the production itself. If you’re interested in volunteering just on the day of KupoCon, hold off and wait for a different application.

Well, that’s about it for now. We want to thank everyone for being so excited about our event. We’re constantly reading your comments and posts. We’ll continue to listen to your ideas and with any luck, we’ll see you at KupoCon! It’s your excitement that’s keeping us going!